Where do I begin with this beautiful day at The Old Vicarage Christchurch! Megan and Oli had put so much thought into the whole day and it was filled with personal touches, little quirks and tons of emotion -There was not a dry eye in the room as they read out their vows that they had written themselves. Here is a beautiful extract… “People are like cities: We all have alleys and gardens and secret rooftops and places where daisies sprout between the sidewalk cracks, but most of the time all we let each other see is is a postcard glimpse of a skyline or a polished square. Love lets you find those hidden places in another person, even the ones they didn’t know were there, even the ones they wouldn’t have thought to call beautiful themselves.” – Hilary T. Smith.

I started the day with Megan, her Mum and bridesmaids who had spent the previous night relaxing in the spa at Christchurch Harbour Hotel. Megan presented each of her Bridesmaids with pretty pink floral boxes filled with little gifts for them to enjoy and a necklace for them to wear – such a great idea! Whilst the girls were having the hair and make-up applied by the talented Grace Bailey, I nipped outside to get some photos of Megan’s lovely shoes and bouquet (which was created by the florist who Megan had worked for whilst she was a schoolgirl). It was then time for Megan to put on her 1950s Vivien of Holloway gown and I made my way to The Old Vicarage Christchurch. The venue was filled with homemade decorations such as pink pom poms in the trees, a kissing booth that the couple had made, a polaroid gallery, decorated crates, lanterns by Fundoo Weddings… the list goes on! I also must mention their amazing wedding rings, Megan had a lovely diamond bow design and Oli made his wedding ring HIMSELF out of part of one of his bicycles – How cool is that!! Oh and the groom got covered in cake after Megan shoved the slice of cake on his face after they cut the cake! The whole day was amazing, so relaxed but so much fun. I had a great time and thank you again Megan & Oli and your family and friends for being so welcoming, funny and lovely! I hope you enjoy looking through these images, to view the rest of the wedding images from this special day or to order any prints for yourself, please contact the bride and groom for the password before finding their online gallery here. Enjoy…

Wedding Details at Christchurch Harbour Hotel Bridal shoes at Christchurch Harbour Hotel Vivien Of Holloway Wedding Dress at ChristchurchDocumentary Photography at Christchurch WeddingDIY Bridesmaids GiftsBridesmaids at Christchurch Harbour HotelDocumentary Christchurch Wedding PhotographyBridal Prep at Christchurch Harbour HotelWedding sign at Christchurch WeddingPink DIY Decor at The Old VicarageDorset Handmade Wedding RingsFun Dorset Wedding PhotographyGroomsmen at The Old VicarageGroomsmen with braces at The Old VicarageGroom at The Old VicarageFather of Groom at The Old VicarageDIY Pompom decor at BarnThe Old VicarageThe Old Vicarage DecorHandmade and Pandora Wedding RingsRelaxed photography at The Old VicarageNervous Best Man at The Old VicaragePhotography at The Old VicarageChristchurch Best ManCeremony at The Old VicarageBridal entrance at The Old VicarageBridesmaids at The Old VicarageHandwritten speeches at The Old VicarageChristchurch Wedding PhotographyThe Old Vicarage Wedding CeremonySelfie at Dorset WeddingWeddings at The Old Vicarage HintonThe Old Vicarage at Hinton ChristchurchNatural photography at The Old VicaragePhotography of icecream at Dorset weddingCouple portraits at The Old VicarageBlack and white photography at The Old VicaragePortraits at The Old VicarageOld Vicarage Christchurch WeddingRain on Christchurch Wedding DayMarquee at The Old VicaragePink and sage wedding decorNaked Cake by Sweetcheeks BakehouseKrispy Kremes at Dorset WeddingThe Old Vicarage MarqueeSpeeches at Christchurch Marquee Wedding ReceptionCandid of Father of Bride at ChristchurchSpeeches at The Old VicarageBest Man GoPro Speech at The Old VicarageGroom drinking wine at The Old VicaragePhotography of dorset wedding guestsGroom at The Old VicarageIcecream at The Old VicarageFun Christchurch Wedding Photography


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